The importance of AIM in Valorant : The secret of precision and domination

We're going to delve into the heart of one of the most crucial skills in this game: Aim (aiming). In Valorant, every split second counts, and accurate AIM can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Let's find out why Aim is essential to excel in this demanding game, and the different mechanics involved.


aim on valorant
aim on valorant

AIM, or aiming accuracy, is a fundamental skill in first-person shooter (FPS) video games like Valorant. It represents a player's ability to aim accurately and hit targets effectively. Good AIM is essential for success in in-game confrontations, as it maximizes the damage inflicted while minimizing wasted ammunition.

What is AIM ?

What is flicking ?

In Valorant, "flicks" (or "flick shots") are quick, precise mouse movements made by players to quickly adjust their aim towards an enemy target. This "flick" movement is often performed when the player spots an unexpected target or needs to react quickly to a threat.

During a flick, the player uses a jerk of the mouse to quickly move the weapon's sights towards the target, trying to align them with great precision. It's a very useful technique in close combat, where speed and precision are essential to win the duel.

Flicks require a combination of fast reflexes, skillful mouse control and a good knowledge of the game and enemy movement patterns. Professional and experienced players often use this technique to surprise their opponents with fast, unpredictable shots.

However, flicks are also risky moves, as they depend largely on the player's reflexes and can lead to a loss of accuracy if poorly executed. That's why regular practice and mastery of the game's mechanics are essential for consistently successful flick shots.

What is tracking ?

In the context of Valorant, "tracking" is an aiming skill that involves maintaining precise, constant tracking of a moving target. Unlike "flicks", which are quick, abrupt movements to quickly adjust aim at a target, tracking involves smoothly following an enemy's movements while keeping the sight constantly on him.

Tracking is particularly useful in long-distance battles, or when the enemy is constantly on the move. Players use this technique to keep their sights on the moving target, enabling them to maintain constant pressure on the opponent while minimizing the chances of missing their shots.

To master tracking, well-adjusted mouse sensitivity and sharp hand-eye coordination are essential. Players must anticipate their opponent's movements and adjust their mouse accordingly to keep the target centered in their sights.

Tracking is a skill that takes practice and experience to acquire. By developing this skill, players can considerably improve their precision and efficiency in combat.

person using phone and laptop
person using phone and laptop

What is burst aiming ?

Burst aiming" is an aiming technique used in Valorant, which involves firing short, controlled bursts rather than holding the trigger to fire continuously. This approach improves accuracy while minimizing weapon recoil, which can make shooting more effective, especially at medium and long ranges.

When using burst aiming, a player squeezes the trigger to fire a few rounds (typically 2 to 5) in rapid succession, then briefly releases the trigger to prevent recoil from affecting aiming. By repeating this technique, the player can maintain greater precision while inflicting effective damage on the enemy.

Burst aiming is particularly useful for weapons that have significant recoil or can become less accurate when fired continuously, such as assault rifles. By using this technique, players can maintain control of their weapon and better adjust their aim between bursts.

What is micro ajustment ?

"Micro-adjustment" is an important mechanic in Valorant, referring to the subtle and precise adjustment of aiming during combat. In the context of Valorant, where precision is essential, micro-adjustment allows players to fine-tune their aim by making slight mouse movements to precisely hit their targets.

During firefights, it's common for players and enemies to move quickly and adopt changing positions. Micro-adjustment allows shooters to keep their aim aligned with the enemy by progressively adjusting their shooting position to compensate for these movements. This can make the difference between a miss and a hit, especially in long-distance combat or when enemies are on the move.

What should I do to improve my AIM ?

1. Equipment settings and sensitivity :

Before diving into aiming techniques, make sure you have the right hardware settings. Adjusting your mouse sensitivity is crucial to achieving optimum accuracy. A low DPI (dots per inch) and moderate game sensitivity can improve your control. Experiment with different values to find the one that suits you best, then practice regularly to get used to your new settings. Make sure your EDPI (DPI x In-Game Sens) is around 200 to 400 range while you practice. Once you have found your sensibility, don't change it if you want to continue to progress.

2. Balance between speed and precision :

It's essential to find the right balance between shooting quickly to surprise the enemy and taking the time to aim well to maximize the chances of hitting your target. In game or in an aim train it's important to prioritize accuracy over trying to rush a kill or beating your previous score in Aim Labs. You need to start slow, speed naturally follows after building fluidity, do not rush or else you will panic shoot more in game.

3. Eye Focus :

When aiming, it's crucial to initially focus your eyes on the target. Once you have placed your crosshair on the target, you should then shift your eye's focus to the crosshair itself and take a moment to ensure that the background of your crosshair aligns perfectly with the target. This simple technique will greatly enhance your focus and accuracy compared to simply relying on autopilot clicking.

4. Don't be afraid :

When a player suffers from low confidence, he may hesitate in his actions, make slower decisions or be less aggressive, fearing to do the wrong thing. This can lead to a drop in the player's overall performance, as he's not playing to his full potential. To avoid this, it's best to trust your own level and the work you've put in to kill your opponents with total confidence.

5. Warming Hands :

Warming up your hands before playing is crucial to avoid discomfort caused by cold hands, which can lead to stiff fingers and hinder quick reactions. Moreover, even the natural oils on our hands can interfere with how we grip the mouse. To address this, I suggest running your hands under warm or hot water for 30 seconds to a minute until they feel physically warm to the touch. This simple practice can help you fixing your aim.

6. Staying Hydrated :

Staying hydrated is important for your general well-being and can have a positive effect on your overall gaming performance and your aim. This improves your focus and concentration, your reactivity, reduces fatigue and helps manage mental stress and pressure during your fights.

7. Train you mechanics :

Aim Lab or other aiming training software can be beneficial as they offer targeted, measurable and customizable training to improve your aim and in-game skills. They are an effective and practical way to prepare and progress on Valorant, enabling you to gain confidence and competence in your games. This will also allow you to implement the various mechanisms presented above in-game, in order to be as consistent as possible.